10 Tips For The Perfect Golfing Trip With The Guys

“10 Tips for a Perfect Golfing Trip with Friends” Golfing is not just a sport, it’s a way to unwind, relax, and spend some quality time with your friends. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, a golfing trip is the perfect opportunity for a change of scenery to escape the pressures or work and family life and to enjoy the game and bond with your friends – remember what happens on the golf trip stays on the golf trip! Here are 10 tips to help you plan a golfing trip that will be remembered for years to come:
  1. Choose the right destination – Look for a destination that offers challenging courses and a good climate. You can choose from popular golfing destinations like Yarrawonga – where there are two courses in the top 100 of Australia and many more within 30 minutes travel. We would love for you to stay and play here at Airtree Resort.
  2. Decide on the right time to go – Consider the weather conditions at your destination, and plan your trip during the best time to play golf, if you don’t handle the heat well then spring and autumn may be better times for your group.
  3. Book your accommodation early – Book a golf resort or a villa that is close to the courses you want to play. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate all of your entire group.
  4. Plan your itinerary – Decide how many rounds of golf you want to play each day, and book your tee times in advance. Here at Airtree we take care of all of your booking and tee times for you – this is one less job as the organiser you have to do.
  5. Do you need golf carts? Many clubs struggle with the amount of carts required so it’s best to also book these in advance if required – sometimes no carts can be a deal breaker for more senior members of the group – and even less senior members. Once again this is something we can book for you here at Airtree.
  6. Pack appropriately – Pack comfortable golfing attire and bring along a rain jacket, brolly and waterproof shoes. You don’t want to be caught in the rain without the proper gear now La Nina is apparently a thing – or is it El Nina … I get them confused!
  7. Make dining arrangements – Book restaurants in advance to make sure you have a table for the evening. Try to sample the local cuisine while you’re there. Make sure your accommodation has facilities that you can also BBQ or self cater if you want to save some $$$$ – something we have covered here at Airtree.
  8. Organize transportation – if you are travelling interstate decide how you will get around the destination, whether it’s by rental car/min van, taxi, or shuttle service.
  9. Don’t forget to bring a camera – Capture the memories of your trip with photos of the courses and your golfing friends.
  10. Have fun! – Remember, the main goal of the trip is to have fun and spend time with your friends and not to take it so seriously. So relax, enjoy the game, and make the most of your time away.
In conclusion, a golfing trip with your friends is a great way to relax, have fun, and bond with each other. Follow these tips to plan a trip that will be remembered for years to come. We would love for you to book your trip here with us at Airtree Resort – and get ready for a fun-filled, golfing adventure with your crew!
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