Perfect For Family Holidays

They say happy wife happy life … well we think they should re word this saying to happy kids happy life!

At Airtree there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Adventure playground, pool, animals and fun stuff for the kids, golf for the Dads and Mums; even the kids too if they want to try. Beautiful green lawns and country gardens for the mums to chill out and read a book … plus we can organise great family activities like kayaking or bike riding tours.

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Why bring the family to Airtree

Kids rule the roost in this modern era and technology rules them! They seem to love their ipads more than the outdoors, love Netflix more than nature and are replacing playtime with more screentime.

It’s a sad situation and a terrible risk to their health and development … and we as the first generation of parents facing this issue seem to be stuck on what to do about it?

Kids just need an alternative; what if you took some time out as a family and offered the kids nature based experiences, activities like kayaking, swimming, bike riding, treasure hunts, camp fires and the most amazing nature playground, and throw in some fluffy animals … sound good?

We are really excited to offer families a chance to disconnect to reconnect – get the kids off technology and get them back to nature. It is has been proven that spending time in the outdoors and in nature benefits kids confidence, promotes creativity and imagination, teaches responsibility, provides stimulation, reduces fatigue, reduces stress and gets the kids moving!

Why not book your next family holiday with us and get back to nature – you will all feel so much better for it, if you can’t do a full holiday maybe just a weekend … invest in family memories: remember happy kids happy life 🙂

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Keeping the kids entertained






Explore what the resort has to offer

Golf Trips

Yarrawonga features 2 main courses Black Bull which is currently ranked within the top 100 courses in Australia along with Yarrawonga & Border with 72 holes to choose from.


For small groups up to 30 people our conference room is ideal for intimate groups up to 30 people. The resort room offers a relaxed atmosphere for your meeting or conference.


Pitch a marquee on our amazing lawn, or use our rec room for a smaller wedding; BYO alcohol and caterers and use our gardens for your photos, do your wedding on a budget at Airtree.

School Camps

Our golf camps are famous, we can cater for smaller groups offering a range of activities. 9 shared self contained rooms will sleep up to 25 kids with space for meals and undercover activities.


Situated 8km from the township of Yarrawonga

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