Wow 😲 didn’t that escalate quickly?

The Corona Virus fear has smacked us all in the face and it is something we all need to face together. It’s crazy times and we are all experiencing worry and some fear;


At Airtree we are taking every precaution to ensure our highest standards of cleanliness and all safety measures are being taken to prevent the spread of this virus; at the time of typing this post we have NO confirmed cases in our towns.

Our rooms are being thoroughly disinfected after each stay to include disinfecting things like door knobs, light switches and all hard surfaces with hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants. This is over and above our standard cleaning procedures.

Our linen is hired and supplied fresh by Gouge Linen who meet the highest standards of hygiene.

Our pool is tested and maintained automatically with chlorine, we will also be testing each day while we have guests staying with us; to ensure the levels required are met for maximum protection.

All of our common areas will be disinfected each day.

Our property is 25 acres, our camp ground is limited to 10 spaces and the resort has 9 rooms that cannot sleep more than 30 people at any one time. Our rooms are spacious and well spaced around the property, and the air is fresh …

We hope this helps alleviate some concerns; we will be directed and guided by the regulatory authorities – stay safe and wash your hands people and please be kind xxx

P.S – and we have toilet paper (for now)